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Create SEO-Friendly Copy for Small Businesses

In the past few years search engine optimisation has changed a lot!  Instead of just publishing text with the right keywords, small business marketers have to carefully engineer their sites so that they show up in search results.

Sound complicated?  It’s actually easier than it sounds!  Here is tips for small business marketers looking to drive leads and encourage qualified traffic to their websites.

Write Engaging Copy:

People should not just read the website text – they need to engage with it.  That means commenting, sharing etc. to extent the website’s reach.  These days Google gives more weight to content that gets engagement.

Create Clear Calls-to-Action:

Calls to Action encourage engagements by offering related content, boosting signups via e-mail and also reminds visitors to view social media profiles.   They also boost click-through rates that is one of the most significant SEO indicators.

Make sure your website is Mobile Friendly:

Up to 60% of all online traffic comes from a mobile device.   You will miss out on people with smartphones and tablets as they will immediately bounce away from your website.

Optimise the website for Semantic Search:

Semantic Search is a search engine’s attempt to give more detailed information by using more data than just keyword.  They explicitly answer the questions users often search for.

Always include a Location for Google+:

More than half of all website searchers have local internet.  People spend a lot of time searching for businesses in certain areas.  Your website will appear on both standard searches and in Maps when registered as a business on Google+

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